The secret role of Konstantin Khabensky

The secret role of Konstantin KhabenskyIn the first Hollywood project Director Timur Bekmambetov in addition to world star Angelina Jolie appears and Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky.In a recent interview Bekmambetov explained how the idea to invite the actor in the film "Wanted" and also told about the secret life Khabensky as the hero of the picture.Initially, the character actor in the scenario of the picture was not English, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Of course, was not, - confirms the Director. - I just did the movie not only for America, but for Russia. First of all for Russia. I think as a Director at the repertory theatre. There are 20 favorite actors who should be involved. So I tapped the bone"."He's just a very good actor," continues Bekmambetov. - So come up with for him the character of a Russian member of the secret organization of weavers-killers. She's global, that's Khabensky and became the representative from Russia.In the United States of Constantine already know to "Watch". The American side was surprised that an actor of his level can agree to almost a cameo appearance in the film."But the role was gradually increasing, and Kostya immediately appeared in the center," says Bekmambetov. - Remember, we were shooting the scene in the cafeteria, in which Morgan Freeman was a very important remark. Around it there are various people, including sitting back Khabensky, from the table which collects crumbs for my rats (in the story he is the only companion in life is a rat that lives in a jar on his belt). The camera was mounted on Morgan Freeman, but back Khabensky was distracted, he was so detailed and accurate in their game".Turns out, one back Khabensky beat famous actor."Of course! - confirms the Director. As a dog cannot live on the scene, as it all will overplay its naturalness and back Khabensky is impossible without intent to avoid the shot".Reasoned Bekmambetov and how differently we approach the filming in Hollywood and we have."What struck me was," says the Director. - We have, when I shoot two people talking, the one that I had already shot, gets in car and drives away. And Hollywood superstars remain and continue to work for each other. Remove the phrase Bones Khabensky, who looks at angelina Jolie. And Jolie behind the camera and waiting for an hour and a half until you put the light, only to Kostya Khabenskiy was one to watch. So they have taken. In Russia it's not.".

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