Found the first interview with The Beatles

Found the first interview with The Beatles44 years lay the container with the recording of the interview of the Beatles in a damp garage London, never been opened and was almost thrown out in the trash. He lay among 64 other containers until he found a movie buff Richard Jeffs.A nine-minute interview was shown on Scottish television channel STV on 30 April 1964. The most notable is that, despite the fact that the container under the influence of age and damp, covered with rust, fragile 60-millimeter film survived. Now the film is in a special storage - Milton Keynes, kept at the proper humidity and temperature.Joerg Piper, author of the book, devoted to the appearances of the Beatles in film and television, said that the find is the earliest surviving recording of The Beatles longer than minutes that were filmed in the UK. During the interview the band members, already famous in the UK but have not yet received the world popularity a lot of jokes.Journalist Paul young interviewed George Harrison and Ringo Starr, and his colleague, Morag hood - John Lennon and sir Paul McCartney. While Lennon, McCartney, and hood were sitting in chairs, and Harrison, Starr and young - on the floor.Yang said that during the filming Studio was literally besieged by fans wanting an autograph, but the musicians chose to leave quietly, coming through the back door.Today, July 1, 2008 the interview was reproduced in part in the broadcast by the British radio station BBC. Days.Roux has carefully monitored the air with this historical record:Paul young: George, what has changed in your life?George Harrison: Well... Probably the most important thing is that we have more money but less time for ourselves.TL: what do You prefer, more time and less money or more money and less time?DH: Hmmm... More money and less time. (Laughs) I Think so.GOJ: George, if you had a chance to hide from the crowd, what would you do?DH: Sleeping, watching movies, going to night clubs, ride my car, so... listen to recordings, watch TV...TL: are You having any difficulty maintaining your image?DH: No... What do you mean? You know, we are not creating an image, it just is, so we just remain yourself, isn't it, Ringo?Ringo Starr: Yes, of course.Morag hood: How do You write songs?Paul McCartney: Sometimes we write them on the old upright piano, or anything that lies nearby, guitars and other things. (Laughs) we Usually sit down and try to write a song, try-try - and begin to bash. No special formulas. He (pointing to Lennon. - Approx. Days.) can come to me with a finished song, still we will say that he wrote it together.Joerg Piper, author of the book, devoted to the appearances of the Beatles in film and television, noted that such consent Lennon and McCartney is characteristic only of The early Beatles. The relationship between them has deteriorated greatly.Morag hood: When did you start writing songs?Paul McCartney: About two. I wrote a song: (sings) "Mom, pass me the HLA-e-e-b" (laughs). When I got my first guitar. I was 13 or 14 years old. We sat and wrote funny songs. My called - I Lost My Little Girl (this song McCartney has released in 1991 on the album Unplugged (The Official Bootleg). - Approx. Days.).MH: did You meet 14? How?John Lennon: I played with the band at the garden party in a village near Liverpool, where I then lived. He passed - that's how we met.PM: I knew one of those with whom he played, Ivan. A mutual friend, he introduced us to each other.MH:What do you think about people who do not like your van?PM: We are not worried about the caravan, and not worried now (laugh)MH: How do you feel about the hordes of screaming fans?PM: We love it. Lost the right words... (laughs) AAA. The atmosphere is really awesome.MH: You made the film. Just now finished it? Why you removed it?DL: This is a logical step forward. The film is called "A Hard Day's Night". Come watch it in the cinemas.PM: But not right now, it's not out yet.DL: coming Soon.MH: John, about your book, how did you manage to write a book?DL: I had a pen and paper... (laughs) I wrote it as a hobby.Paul: Ringo, who is the most interesting person you've met in your life?Ringo star: John Lennon (laughs)TL: have You ever been scared by your fans?RS: the Only times when thousands had surrounded us from all sides. Sometimes it was really scary.GOJ: Ringo, how do you feel sitting on the stage behind everyone?RS: I'm happy back there, I'm a drummer...GOJ (interrupting): don't feel lonely?RS: like I said, I'm a drummer, that's fine, drummers always sit in the back. Source: Found the first interview with The Beatles.

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