Singer Vitas will soon become a father

Singer Vitas will soon become a fatherFamous singer Vitas 4 months to be a father. "The main alarm system of the Russian stage", so with the filing Galkina ironically called, perhaps, the most loud-voiced artist of our time, will soon feel all the delights of fatherhood.The wife of a brilliant representative of a music shop, 24-year-old Svetlana at the 5th month of pregnancy. The outrageous singer, in his time, killed outright by a numerous army of fans, not a stranger to simple family happiness. Now the couple, secretly signed about two years ago in Ukraine, happily awaiting the birth of the long-awaited first child.- I am very happy for the guys, they've been planning the completion of the family, one might say, have been preparing for this - shared with LIFE.RU close family friend Vitaly.Now Svetlana, despite noticeably rounded tummy, accompanied everywhere by his star wife, attending numerous social events. Source: Singer Vitas will soon become a father.

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