Alsou gave a restaurant in Central Moscow

Alsou gave a restaurant in Central MoscowSinger Alsu on the 25th anniversary received the gift of a restaurant in Central Moscow.Spouse artist, businessman Yan Abramov gave his beloved jewelry - diamond earrings, and his sister Raffaella in honor of a famous relative, opened a new restaurant.The restaurant in the centre of Moscow, just donated, it was decided to celebrate the holiday. Gathered for the celebration only the most close people and relatives of the birthday girl. The holiday can be considered as a family - no secular hype and pomposity. An army of celebrities represented only a close friend Alsou - Leo Valerianovich Leshchenko.- What you have now first: family, work?- It's always been family - answering the question "Z", smiled the birthday girl. - First you need to put children on feet, and then, of course, sing, speak! Source: Alsu gave a restaurant in Central Moscow.

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