Galkin gave Pugacheva a scene

Galkin gave Pugacheva a sceneMaxim Galkin, enthusiastic Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, not only scored all of their "stuff" - TV projects, but forgot the most important thing, what should have secular lion - the rules of etiquette.Humorist-intellectual turned into a real dork, quite out of control.At the jubilee exhibition of Valentin Yudashkin, which was held at the State Historical Museum, the comedian did not hide his jealously of emotions when Alla hugged the famous Russian couturier, congratulating him on his new collection."Valentine, you give peace in the world" - coyly smiled Alla Borisovna.While Diva showered Yudashkin compliments, Galkin not find a place of jealousy. Still! Someone like, if a bunch of reporters will turn my back on you, and all the attention will give Yudashkin.Luxury embroidery, sophisticated draping, sharp form of corsets created Yudashkin, Maxim is not inspired. He quickly rushed to get the Dolly parton Museum.In the midst of the evening Galkin gently took Dolly parton's arm, tried to quietly escape with her through the back door, pre-ordering the car.But what a surprise it was "Ex-Millionaire" when the machine was not output! Like the classic hero, Maxim, on the mobile phone required a "coach"."Why not have a car? I have more than half an hour ago, it ordered!", - hotter, Galkin.Alla Borisovna, a man who has magical magnetism on the most beautiful young men, smiling, looking at radharasahaja Galkin. Source: Galkin gave Pugacheva a scene.

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