Sergey Bezrukov has become unrecognizable

Sergey Bezrukov has become unrecognizableActor Sergei Bezrukov recently traveled to St. Petersburg, where together with other artists participated in the concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Border guard service of Russia.Fans of the artist drew attention to the fact that the appearance of Sergey has undergone significant changes.Say, at the sight of the actor, the audience just gasped. According to the newspaper "Smena", learn Bezrukov was really hard. First artist on stage was seen in jeans and sweaters. But this time he spoke in a sharp dark suit.However, the audience was surprised not so much change in the clothing style of the artist. Sergey Bezrukov is now a very different person: he has a beard. If you believe the rumors, these changes an actor's duty to his new role.Sergei is not necessary to change the appearance for the sake of work. So, for the role of Joshua in "the Master and Margarita" Bezrukov we had a lot to lose weight. Playing Pushkin, the actor wore whiskers, and the role Yesenin shone with bleached curls. For the recent part of a prisoner Sergei does have to lose hair. So the beard will be the biggest victim of the artist in this field. Moreover, some fans believe that the beard only added Bezrukov masculinity.In Northern capital the artist came together with his wife Irene. The couple broke up only on the speech of Sergey. By the way, Bezrukov about his new appearance especially not think."For me it is important that Irisha my transformation rate," he said, hugging his wife Irina. - Who else should I try?!" Source: Sergey Bezrukov was unrecognizable.

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