Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letter

Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letterRonnie wood, who is currently undergoing treatment in an addiction clinic, wrote sentimental love letter to his Russian girlfriend, 18-year-old waitress Katia Ivanova.Girl, I read it when it came out from his apartment with a friend, with fun giggling.The Sun managed to learn the content of the message. In the letter, written by hand, in particular, said: "Know that I think of you with love." Kate laughed when I saw that the author drew on a piece of paper smiling bearded face inside the heart.Downstairs was assigned: "Here we have hard" - the letter was obviously sent Ronnie a rehabilitation center.The observer added: "ESA (so the girl called the British. - Approx. ed smiled and giggled, reading a love letter, as do all teenage girls, getting a note from the guys". "Strange to think that this letter from someone who is older than her 40 years", he added.The waitress Catherine was dressed in a short dress in red-checked jacket when she left yesterday from his shabby apartment in Camden, North London.Earlier, the girl told friends that loves the Rolling Stones star, who is 61 years old and wants to be near him when he will cope with his addiction to alcohol.Friends say that Ronnie still want to keep their 23-year marriage with former model Jo, even though she told him it was over.Catherine's mother, Irene, in turn, said that her daughter, who met with Ronnie in a hick bar in April, fell in love with a rock musician "because of his personal qualities." Source: Ronnie wood girlfriend wrote a love letter.

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