Lindsay Lohan fuels the rumors about her lesbian relationships

Lindsay Lohan fuels the rumors about her lesbian relationshipsRumors surrounding gay actress Lindsay Lohan getting more confirmations. So the paparazzi once again caught Lindsay along with her 30-year-old girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson.On the set of a new movie Lohan couple smiling meaningfully and unambiguously embraced, writes the newspaper the Sun.As writes the edition, the girls laughed at the episode of the movie Labor Pains, in which the character Lilo pretends to be pregnant to keep a job. At some point Lindsay even playfully pinched Samantha butt.Recall that the last public display of affection between the girls was held last month at the Cannes film Festival saw them on a yacht musician PI Diddy kissing and cuddling.Commenting on pictures of her unlucky daughter, father Michael Lindsay stated that "for everyone who has at least a half a brain", it is obvious that there novel. Meanwhile, the mother of Lindsay, Dina Lohan, is very evasive answers a question about an affair between Lohan and Ronson. "If she's happy then I'm happy too. Samantha is a great girl. I know her and her family for 10 years," said Dina Lohan.Recall that, according to rumors, the magazine OK! offered Lindsay $ 1 million for the recognition that she is a lesbian.Because, among other things, Hollywood socialite supports tender friendship with rozovolosaya pop star Lily Allen. A few days ago, the couple dined in a sumptuous Hollywood restaurant il Sole. And without doubt, their glasses were filled in honor of Lily's triumphant return to America. The fact that the original migration service of the USA has banned the pop star entering the country to check her Luggage for the presence of drugs. Source: Lindsay Lohan fuels the rumors about her lesbian relationships.

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