Found the remains of Steve Fossett

Found the remains of Steve FossettAmong the wreckage of a millionaire Steve Fossett were found small fragments of his body, reports MSNBC on 3 October. Plane traveller was discovered Thursday in the area of Mammoth lakes in California.According to experts who examined the crash site, the plane Fossett exploded after a powerful hitting the ground. "He probably died instantly," said one of the members of the search team.Earlier it was suggested that the remains of Fossett were completely eaten up by wild beasts and unlikely to be found.Recall that Fossett disappeared in September 2007 while flying in his single-engine plane. In February 2008 the court declared Fossett dead.Fossett, who became rich through investment activities, became famous because he made several non-stop flights around the globe. In addition, he was the first person who managed to reach outer space on a specially designed private spaceship. Source: Found the remains of Steve Fossett.

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