Blonde completely out of fashion

Blonde completely out of fashionThe eternal dispute about who is more attractive to men - brunettes or blondes, seems to have exhausted itself after the winner of the contest "Miss universe-2008" was 22-year-old dark-haired beauty from Venezuela Dayana Mendoza.Russian Vera Krasova participating in this contest, too, has a dark hair color. Does this means that in a world of changing tastes and blonde now not fashionable?According to the weekly "Arguments and facts", a similar situation occurred in the past, and the year before. So, the winner of the contest "Miss universe 2007" was recognized as a Japanese ballerina Riyo Mori, Miss world 2007" - Chinese woman Zhang styling, and the most beautiful girl of Russia was also dark-haired Xenia Sukhinin from Tyumen. The validity of these victories is confirmed by various surveys. For example, one of them showed that the most beautiful women of the world thousands of men, actress angelina Jolie, British supermodel Christy Turlington, Queen Rania of Jordan and Italian Director Sofia Coppola. And where's the blonde? But a recent survey among British men, and altogether showed that 45% of English gentlemen prefer dark-haired donuts."Of course, we can say that fashion trend has now shifted towards the girls of the Latin American type of beauty with brown hair, brown eyes, dark hair, - explained the Director of the weekly contest "Miss Russia" Alexander Aboev. - It is visible on the latest beauty contests. Although personally I don't really agree, I on hair color look last. As for blondes, Natural blondes - they are very rare. Even in Russia, to find a beautiful girl with that hair color is as difficult as to find some unique diamond. So, apparently, the role played by a quantitative factor.".

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