Madonna world tour beginning with insults (photo from the concert)

Madonna world tour beginning with insults (photo from the concert)The first concert of the Madonna in the new tour "Sticky&Sweet" has not done without scandal. Able to attract attention, the singer rigidly walked around the candidate for US Presidents John McCain, comparing him to Hitler and Mugabe.This weekend in the British capital of Wales Cardiff started the next tour pop Queen. Two-hour show at the Millennium stadium, she began the tour, which is more than 40 cities in Europe, the United States and Latin America. At the premiere of new shows gathered more than 40 thousand spectators, among them, of course, the husband of the singer guy Ritchie and their three children, writes portal Just proved once again that he can arrange a real show. First, the audience can not fail to impress the enormity of the event: the appearance of a workforce of more than 100 technical specialists, on the stage there are 12 background singers, 16 dancers and a Gypsy band. Secondly, Madonna, as always, has created a colourful spectacle: 8 disguises, costumes from the leading designer of French fashion house Givenchy, unusual dance numbers, special effects and stunts.We separately mention about the provocative video, which almost caused a global scandal. During the song "Get Stupid" on the big screen showed photos of American politics McCain in the same row with portraits of dictators Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe and other politicians unsympathetic to the singer, said They alternated movies with scenes of war, oil production, dispersals of demonstrations (particularly in Tibet in spring 2008), with crying African children. In the second part of the clip Democrat Barack Obama, a rival McCain in the presidential race, appears in the company of al Gore, John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela and Bob Geldof.The headquarters of McCain responded quickly to politically incorrect Madonna video, calling it "outrageous, unacceptable and sowing discord"."This comparison clearly proves that, when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his star buddies do not disdain any means and stoop to any dirty tricks", - quotes the website a spokesperson for McCain Tucker of Bounds. Source: Madonna world tour beginning with insults (photo from the concert).

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