TOP 10 sexiest models of the year

TOP 10 sexiest models of the year Popular modeling website presented its ranking of the sexiest models of the year - Top Sexiest Models.Which is based not so much on the earnings models as on their physical appearance, and on the degree of significance of each in the fashion industry.10th place - 25-year-old native of Nizhny Novgorod Natalia Vodianova. The most famous Russian model, recently gave birth to her third child, recently announced that completes her modeling career. Last appearance Vodianova on the podium was dedicated to the final master collection fashion Valentino.The March issue of Russian Vogue was completely devoted to this Russian phenomenal beauty and on sale on the eve of her 26th birthday on February 28. Of course, Natalia Vodianova, and not thinking to become a normal housewife. The star of the world's catwalks and the wife of an English Lord Justin Portman sobiraete to do charity work, founding the charity Fund "Naked heart".Ninth place is a Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros...Brazilian born may 29, 1982 in Itabira (Itabira). In 1996 she won first place in the Brazilian contest, Elite Look of the Year...The model in the Prime and claim first place in the lucrative sex market models. She has already made offers for Guess, Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated, but it velvety chocolate eyes and the flawless shape of her promise much more perspective.Eighth place was awarded to Yamila Diaz-Rahi... Charmer, found on the sandy beach of Argentina prowling in search of new faces modeling agents immediately reserved on their shows world's fashion house.From via Sports Illustrated Victoria's Secret to Marie Claire - this is quick off the green-eyed latina.In the Luggage of Alessandra Ambrosio, who took 6th place in the ranking, multimillion-dollar contract with the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret for a demonstration line of swimwear, which are in the first month amounted to no less than 10 000 pieces.Alessandra Ambrosio has worked on television in the popular series "Entourage", where he appeared in several episodes that raised the show a rating. Bit part she played in the last series of Bondade "Casino Royale".5th place - Karolina Kurkova of the Czech Republic...Old-fashioned, restrained and quirky-quirky, smarmy smarmy and seductive, optimistic and ambitious. Miss Kurkova is an investment that will give crazy dividends.Fourth place was given to a dark-skinned American model Tyra banks ...It is tyra banks a few years ago was honored to advertise a bra worth $ 10 million with diamond pure water at 70 carats, surrounded by 2,900 small diamonds in white gold!Three leaders closes adriana Lima... she was Born in Brazil in 1982. Infernal blood mixing from the French, Portuguese, American Indians and Caribbean people did their job and showed the world this extraordinary beauty.At age 14 she won the Brazilian competition models, and internationally ranked second... Now it's hard to find a fashion house that was not invited Adrian to participate in the show.2nd place at Gisele Bundchen, Brazil. Last year she again earned more than all of his colleagues and became the richest model in the world. In the list of highest paid celebrities, Forbes magazine put her on 53rd.Farewell after seven years of collaboration with Victoria's Secret, she prepares to launch her own line of underwear. And, be sure Giselle will show their buchalter as it should!And 1st place was awarded to Heidi Klum... the Podium with millions of people. A contract with Victoria Secret's that made her a millionaire. Own line of shoes, jewelry and sweets. Three little kids.All the familiar face with the trademark Heidi Inc. This woman is not just inhumanly beautiful and sexy, she is truly a work of art created by nature. Source: TOP 10 sexiest models of the year (photo).

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