Angelina Jolie seduced Banderas

Angelina Jolie seduced Banderas When a hobby turns into a passion, when a woman becomes obsessed when the mind breaks down into the abyss, love turns into a deadly duel.So, in their classic roles, played by Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in the movie "Temptation".Wealthy Cuban merchant Luis Antonio Vargas is going to marry an American...Approaching the meeting with a long-awaited bride, and the anxious groom is already aware of the innocent and humble girl, who should share his life.But Louis was not justified in his fate invades femme fatale.The power of charm and magic of seduction is able to make a man happy, and to destroy...To "finish" the spectator, famous actors starred in an erotic photo shoot based on the movie. Source: Angelina Jolie seduced Banderas (photos).

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