John Lennon's widow has lost the rights to the song husband

John Lennon's widow has lost the rights to the song husbandThe iconic song of John Lennon's "Imagine" will be performed in a scientific documentary challenging the official version of the theory of evolution and is part of a debate with the legendary guitarist and composer of the group "Beatles".Widow Lennon Yoko Ono are unable to prohibit the use of the composition of her late husband.The song "Imagine" of John Lennon, according to a poll by BBC News, was named British radio listeners most beloved musical composition.At the preliminary hearing on Monday, district judge Sidney Stein said that in the case of formal consideration of the case, the verdict will be issued, likely in favor of the filmmakers. The fact that 15-second clip of a song used for the purposes of discussion and criticism, as permitted by law.The subject of discussion in the film, in particular, was the quote "Imagine there's no countries, Not because it's too difficult, Not to die and to kill, And religion, too, is no more." This assumption about the disappearance of religion in his time made the anthem of hippies and pacifists forbidden song in Anglican schools.Yoko Ono tried to prevent the release of the film for copyright infringement, reports RIA "Novosti". After the trial was circulated a press release in which it was reported that the producers of the movie "stole her right to say no", choosing to allow the use of the songs of John Lennon, and who does not.Manufacturers of popular science films from the company's Premise Media Corp., on the contrary, welcomed the preliminary verdict, which, in their opinion, protects the right to freedom of speech. Source: John Lennon's Widow has lost the rights to the song husband.

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