John McCain left his wife of a disabled

John McCain left his wife of a disabledThe candidate of the Republican party for President of the USA John McCain received the first serious blow to the image of a principled and moral hero of the Vietnam war.Vulnerable place McCain became his first wife Carol, who attracted the attention of journalists and gave the first interview. Now John appears everywhere with his current wife, cute blonde Cindy. But shadow behind him stands another woman, the mother of his three oldest children, about which he would like to forget. When in 1965, John married her, she was irresistible beauty, top model, advertising swimwear. Carol remained faithful to her husband and brought up his children in the time he's five and a half years vanished in a Vietnamese prison.But when, in 1973, McCain returned from captivity, he found that his Queen of beauty has changed a lot after a terrible car accident. With severe fractures and internal injuries and Carol was taken to hospital, where six months surgeons saved her life, spending 23 operations. They paid for a Texas billionaire Ross Perot, who helped the families of imprisoned American soldiers. Carol turned into an invalid, she barely learned how to move again on their own feet, much plumper, and her beauty is almost nothing left.Almost 30 years Carol had kept silent about the accident and the ensuing divorce from John, not to spoil his political career. And in an interview with the British "Mail it sandy," she finally poured his heart out and told how in 1980 John asked her for a divorce so he could marry Cindy, heiress to the beer magnate from Arizona, who was 18 years younger than him. On the side of Cindy had youth, beauty, but most importantly - the big money needed to start a political career, McCain.John promised that he would the rest of your life to pay for Carol's treatment in exchange for her silence. "Our marriage broke up not because of the disaster, which I got, but because John was not going to become a 40-year-old, he wanted to be 25 years. Know that it happens with men", ' explains Carol. However, friends of the family more cutting in expressions. A veteran of the Vietnam war Ted Semple said that the characteristic feature of McCain's always been lying. When he returned from captivity and saw that Carol no longer look like a beauty Queen, he immediately got himself a mistress, of whom then chose Cindy. "This guy boasting of his heroic character, no character, he is utterly false," said Sample. Carol excelled him in his faithfulness and steadfastness". This view was supported by a family friend of McCain, Ross Perot. "Carol and Americans are seduced very brutal and slick even by the standards of modern political life. McCain is the classic opportunist, desperate for recognition and glory. When the house met him limping Carol, he threw her for a girl from Arizona with a lot of money," said Ross about the candidate in US presidents. Source: John McCain left his wife of a disabled.

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