Ex-wife accuses Plushenko in evasion from payment of the alimony

Ex-wife accuses Plushenko in evasion from payment of the alimonyEx-wife of Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko Maria Ermak accuses ex-wife of evasion from payment of the alimony.Not had time to subside trial of passion between Plushenko and Ermak relating to divorce and division of property, as between them there was a new conflict.- The other day I called Masha with ridiculous accusations that I allegedly not paying child support, - said Eugene. Is it right to attack some! They all want to take away from me.Little boy Egor is not the first time becomes the object of a showdown between the former spouses. After a scandalous divorce Mary for a very long time were not allowed to Eugene and his family to see a loved child. Only a court Olympic champion had won the right to see the baby. But before Plushenko relax as Mary again went on the attack.- I don't know that next time he comes at her with my ex! - outraged the celebrated athlete. I tried to explain to her that all pay properly, but it and hear me wants. Saying: "Pay child support, but not all!". It turns out that she wants me to dropout of maintenance money from my royalties that I'm supposedly in large quantities receive from participation in various shows. I don't know how else to explain that I get royalties for those performances. I mostly work the DEMON-CARDS-BUT because it's a PR campaign. For example, in the show for the disabled, orphans, homeless people, I do not work for fees. And what kind of dough are we talking? But my ex-wife and to hear about it does not want. So what to do, people don't have money. All want to take, you know?Ksenia Kazankova Source: Ex-wife accuses Plushenko in evasion from payment of the alimony.

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