Awarded the theatre award `crystal Turandot`

Awarded the theatre award `crystal Turandot`Solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of 2008 took place in the Tretyakov gallery on Monday night.The main prize, the highest theatrical award "crystal Turandot" was awarded the Russian academic youth theatre for a production of "the Coast of utopia" and the Chekhov Moscow art Theater for the play "the little humpbacked Horse", reports "Interfax".The play "the Coast of utopia," directed by Alexei Borodin is a trilogy, which takes about eight hours. In the play, 68 actors for whom cooked 1350 costumes.As noted by a leading award, actress of the Vakhtangov theatre, Maria Aronova, who came to the ceremony dressed as Princess Turandot, "in this play tells the Ogarev, Belinsky, Turgenev, about the fate of Russia and its destiny".The creators of the show "Konyok Gorbunok" was awarded the well-known writer - satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky, noting that with pleasure watched the play with the whole family. "This success even I have not had the play was excellent, and I say this with great effort," he joked Zhvanetsky."Crystal Turandot" in the nomination "best Director" went to Kama Ginkas. Best actress of the season, according to the jury, was performed by the actress Alexandra Zakharova in the classic play "Marriage".Best debut is recognized as the theatre of Nations "Swedish match", and the prize for the best scenography also received the Chekhov Moscow art theater for the play "the little humpbacked Horse".Nominated for "best actor" this year has not found its owner. "For us it is very important to note the striking phenomenon, if such phenomena did not happen, there is no need to label anyone," - said earlier in the press conference, the founder of the prize, producer and Director Boris Belenky."Crystal Turandot "for honor and dignity" this year was awarded the people's artist of Russia, the stage designer Boris Messerer and actor Igor Kvasha. And a special prize "the crystal sprout" was awarded the theatre Ingenuous that is played by actors with down syndrome."They are like a germ - a fragile small, but absolutely outstanding. The level of impact that what they give to the room - it is absolutely outstanding team," he said before Belenky.The prize is awarded for the seventeenth time, it was established in 1991 as the first private theatre award. Source: prizes Awarded theatrical award "crystal Turandot"".

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