Rihanna spent the weekend in the Caribbean with her lover

Rihanna spent the weekend in the Caribbean with her lover They are the hottest couple R&B, they are called "new Beyonce and Jay-Z". Sultry beauty Rihanna and the black singer Chris brown continue to argue that they're just friends, but sweet couple is no longer able to conceal his passion, writes The Gossip Girls.Rihanna and Chris spent their weekends at home pop diva in Barbados, on the coast of the warm Caribbean sea. The paparazzi caught the stars of R&B when they swam, sunbathed and riding on a water scooter. After Rihanna errands on the waves on the ATV, Chris carefully helped her out of the water on an inflatable mattress, and after a 19-year-old young man rolled his lover on his shoulders.When 20-year-old bombshell was tired to engage in water sports, she slowly strolled along the beach, dressed in a bright bikini: striped Zebra bra and bright yellow panties that is even more emphasized her gorgeous slim figure.Recall that the pop star met Chris last year when the guy did a Remix for her megahit "Umbrella", turning it into a song "Cinderella Under The Umbrella (Cinderella under the umbrella"). And while they work together on the latest single from Rihanna's Disturbia, which occupies the 9th place in the music charts of Europe and the USA. However, it is possible that ratings in the music Chris will soon catch up with her talented girlfriend in a few weeks he is expected to release new single "Kiss Kiss".Rumors of a romantic connection between the singers went, in February when Rihanna brought Chris to meet her family in Barbados, then during her concert a young man sat next to the father of the girl Ronald Fenty. "He's a good guy," said Fenty. - They have fun and are very happy together.".

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