Victoria Karaseva bear a child of `House-2`

Victoria Karaseva bear a child of `House-2`Victoria Karaseva is one of the brightest participants of the TV project "Dom-2" on channel TNT.For the UPS and downs of her personal life with bated breath watching the whole country.Now tori says that he settled down and found happiness with Vyacheslav Dvorackova. And even willing to have his baby.Victoria, how are you at on the project? Not bored yet here?- No, in any case, because I'm in the right place originally wanted to be. Someone calls it shows someone playing the game, and for me, it's life. The project brings together a very diverse personalities, and to me they are interesting to talk. Everyone has their own house, mine is a "House-2". I've been here for 4 years.- Tell me about your life before the project - where he studied, worked?- The first higher education I received at the Moscow State Institute of Music named Alfred Schnittke in the class of Opera singing, the second in GITIS. Then I worked with Anton Komolova on radio "Europe ", we have been show "Full uncut version".- You're an attractive girl, and certainly I have offered to make a career through the bed...- Personally, I such proposals were never received, and I am proud of. I believe that such things are easier to offer the girls the day that require minimal investment, and the profit from them is quite high. I have education and a good vocal, so I'll never under someone or over someone. I think I was just afraid to come up with such proposals.- What are you willing to do to stay on the project?- I quite extraordinary and interesting person and I think one of my main achievements during my stay at the project is that I never threatened and manipulated the phrase: "I go, keep me on the project!" I've always walked my way and did not join any coalitions. I'm sure I'll get to the end, and my global goal is to win the house and have a baby on the show.- Vyacheslav Dvorackova is the complete opposite of Ruslan, what are you attracted to it?- We are very similar internally - ambitious, vain. Besides, I always liked tall, dark, and age it suits me (smiles). Glory gives me inner harmony. I believe that he is my man, my second half. He hooked me entirely, however, and I him.If Vyacheslav asked you to marry him and leave with a project, what would be your answer?- He would never have offered. He's a perfectionist, and I will not fix it. We have a common goal - to reach the end.- You have repeatedly shot in a candid photoshoot, do you like it?- I've done only once for Playboy magazine, along with her friends Alena Vodonaevoy and Olga Buzova. I believe that when a person is young and handsome, he should not be ashamed.- It's no secret that all people love money. What are you willing to do for their material well-being?- Of course, I love money. I work since 16 years. But I always refused expensive gifts. I'm not a feminist, just nicer to spend their money.Olga Mikheeva Source: Victoria Karaseva bear a child at the "House-2"".

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