The prize awarded at the MIFF film `One shot`

The prize awarded at the MIFF film `One shot`The prize of the Russian film critics awarded the film of the Perspectives competition "One shot" by Danish Director Linda Wendel, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.This is the ruthless story of a daughter who rebelled against her mother-hippie. The film was shot without a single cut - single-frame.In the main competition of the Russian film critics have awarded the prize to the Iranian film "Easier" directed by Reza Mir Karimi. In the film we are talking about one day in the lives of ordinary Iranian women, loving wife and mother, a good housewife at home and a perfect roommate. In the center of author's attention is his inner torment of the heroine, which it seems that her kindness made her invisible to everyone in her life, and especially for his own family.Thirtieth anniversary Moscow international festival is held in Moscow from 19 to 28 June. Only the program shown about 200 films. Including 16 in the main competition (including two Russian films - "the Garden" Sergey Ovcharova and "Once in a province" Katya Shagalova). Source: Prize awarded at the MIFF film "One shot"".

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