Elena Korikova was badly damaged in the accident

Elena Korikova was badly damaged in the accidentThe incident on Tuesday, the accident in which the injured were on tour with famous Russian actors, fortunately, there were no tragedies. But some of the stars of cinema and theatre suffered serious injuries.Recall that in the ill-fated bus that was going from Artemovsky in Irbit, were Ivar Kalninsh, Elena Korikova, Dmitry Isaev, Alexander Lymarev, Anatoly Smiranin, Anatoliy Rudenko and a few others. To the Urals artists came from the "Tales of old Arbat". After the show and the rest of the troupe had to move in Irbit. But the road at night the road in the pouring rain nearly turned to all the trouble. When overtaking a bus, carried off the track, and it turned over.Suffered all passengers. The show had to be cancelled, and the artists decided on the first flight to return from Ekaterinburg to Moscow.And that's what the Days.Ru about the accident told the press attache of Ivar Kalninsh: "Indeed, the bus overturned, but all the actors are alive and well. Seriously affected only the sound guy, he's got a fracture. And all the rest in order.".

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