`Eurovision song contest` will be held under the new rules

`Eurovision song contest` will be held under the new rules"Eurovision-2009" in Moscow will be held under the new rules. In the organizing Committee of one of the most popular competitions of Europe it was decided to return the vote of the jury.Until 1997, it is the expert panel from each country put the contestants evaluation, and cherished 12 points depended on the opinion of the jury. With the advent of tele-voting experts were prepared to evaluate the performance of a party only in case of emergency - if, for any reason televoting was impossible to carry out.Audience voting, on the one hand, added to the democratic contest. However, given the growing number of countries wishing to perform at the contest, there were problems. Neighbors started to vote for each other, and victory often depended not so much on the talents of a singer, how many votes from friendly countries.Victory this year Dima Bilan enraged residents of Western European countries. Russian top score put Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and even Israel, reminiscent of Sky News. In all these countries a lot of Russians.Among the founding countries of the Eurovision - Spain, France, great Britain and Germany in this scenario is becoming less likely to take anything like a worthy place in the competition. And other countries of Western Europe year after year no luck. The victory of Dima Bilan and the last place Andy Abraham even made permanent commentator of Eurovision from United Kingdom Terry Wogan to think about leaving. He also hinted at the fact that Western Europe is better not to terminate participation in the contest of musical events becomes political.To the indignant voices listened. The head of the organizing Committee of "Eurovision" song contest Svante Stockselius has already announced that now to judge the contestants together with the audience will be the jury. Discreet Swede did not explain innovations discontent of European countries. In his opinion, the new system will just make the competition more interesting: because the jury unlike viewers otsmatrivat each room several times and make a decision, considering and entertainment, and talent, and production.How exactly will share powers between judges and viewers, is unclear. To address this issue, officials of the European broadcasting Union will be at the special meeting, to be held in the coming months. Source: "the Eurovision" will be held under the new rules.

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