Serdyuchka discovered the secret of their outstanding amounts

Serdyuchka discovered the secret of their outstanding amountsOn shootings of a new clip of the actress revealed what is under the form of flamboyant conductors.The sexiest conductor Verka Serduchka finally discovered the secret of their outstanding amounts.On the set of new enchanting clip progenitor of the image glib conductors - artist Andrey Danilko - opened the main intrigue of the Russian-Ukrainian show business - what is the secret of impressive forms of Verka Serduchka.ChestTo create the maximum in every sense of the effect the Director of the newly videoshader decided... to increase the already impressive Breasts and appetizing point rear charismatic toilers of the railway. To "operation" to increase the advantages Verka, as, indeed, her mother, was successful in the course were absolutely all the facilities: Bathrobe, someone's soft Slippers worn, crumpled paper and even old towels.- And what are stitched over one day blue t-shirt and panties! In the end, Vera got what we wanted - an energetic and erotic. Real sex bomb, - has shared with "Z" style clip Angela Fox.- Light pad! Do not hesitate! More passion! - encouragement through a megaphone artists video directed by Victor Skuratovsky.ClipFlamboyant artist Andrey Danilko after the shooting, admitted that his new kinousa he once again reminds people about all the virtues of an intimate relationship.- What's wrong with that?! It's about drugs. We talk about normal things! - confidently said "Z" singer.The plot of the new cinturini Essen for the song (which translated to him. "eat, eat". - Ed.) simple and unpretentious. The artist team grown-up lights, demonstrating exercise equipment and a sauna. Especially notable was one of the main characters of the clip - "German" Super-Denis. The guy responsibly working to create the image of the handsome pitching that aides the makeup was dabbing at the sweat on his face every two minutes. Under a handsome man picked up and sultry brunette - short turquoise dress, hair, high heels and emphasized an open bust. Beauty is so chic transformed into "the good girl", burning with passion for Super-Denis-that tore real applause on the set.- Banter turned out! - admitted "Z" pleased with the result of Andrew. Source: Serduchka discovered the secret of their outstanding amounts.

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