Sergey bodrovu-senior is 60 years old

Sergey bodrovu-senior is 60 years oldFamous film Director Sergei Bodrov, which account for more than 15 paintings, including works such as "prisoner of the Caucasus", "Bear's kiss", "Mongol", June 28, celebrates its 60th anniversary.The future Director was born in Khabarovsk. Dicinal his career as a journalist. On the first of his profession Sergei Bodrov screenwriter, graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK in 1974. In his scripts filmed more than 20 films. Sergei Bodrov is one of the most famous in Russia and abroad Directors. His painting "prisoner of the Caucasus" was nominated for "Oscar". The film Bodrov "let's make this quick" participated in competition at the Moscow International film festival, and a picture of "Bear's kiss" was presented in competition at the Venice festival.The film Bodrov's "Mongol" even before the release received the status of one of the largest projects with multi-million dollar budget. This film will see almost all over the world. After this film Hollywood has made a number of serious proposals for a brilliant Director.As reminds RIA "news" a few days ago by Sergei Bodrov called in the American film Academy. Among 105 invitations to join its ranks, issued by the Academy, one went to Russia, namely the Director Sergei bodrovu. Thus he entered into a 6 thousands the ranks of the Academy and eligible to vote at international film festivals. The official dedication in inacademic will be held in September in Beverly hills.The celebrant has many awards. He received a "nick" in 1996, winning in the categories best feature film - "the prisoner of the Caucasus", best Director and best scenario work. Not spared his side and "Kinotavr". In the same year, his "prisoner of the Caucasus" udostoilsja main prize of the Russian competition. A film about the Chechen war has received the award European film Academy "Felix" for the script.In may Bodrov organized his own production company Bodrov Film Production. The first band, which will release the company will be "Mongol 2", to Finance the production of which Bodrov going from private and public sources.As said by the famous Russian producer Sergey Selyanov, with Bodrov easy to work with, he feels "chemistry" movie, i.e., the reaction, which may cause a particular film. "And I appreciate that in a Director. And, besides, he is wonderful. He doesn't need something long to explain, in addition to creativity, he understands what the shooting schedule and that means the financing for the movie," said producer. Source: Sergei bodrovu-senior is 60 years old.

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