Zavorotnyuk dreams about a former lover

Zavorotnyuk dreams about a former loverActress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk dreamed about his meetings with a former lover - actor Sergey Zhigunov at least on the set.Realizing that the old romantic relationship is gone for good, "nanny" never stops dreaming of a Rendez-vous, and even if working.HopeSince the completion of filming of the last 40 episodes of the new season of "Babysitting" it's only been a few days, Anastasia were missing colleagues. Most Zavorotniuk waiting for a new, even working meeting with the now "unloved", but still became her native actor Sergey Zhigunov.- If there will be some interesting thoughts on this - I think we will be just happy to see each other! - gently smiling, dreaming about a former lover, Anastasia.Despite the fact that while new projects are members of a cohesive team "the Perfect nanny" is not offered, Anastasia herself full of fresh ideas and rainbow dreams about the imminent reunion."I want it all again to see, is an enthusiastic she says. And with Boris Smolkin, and with Olga, and... with Sergey...And then, as if recollecting herself, quickly adds: "and the children there were good". Source: Zavorotniuk dreams about a former lover.

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