Dmitry Pevtsov not enough time for his son

Dmitry Pevtsov not enough time for his sonIn August last year in a family of actors Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova was a joyful event: the couple had a son, Elisha. Dmitry has already had a son Daniel from a previous relationship, but for 42-year-old Drozdova baby was first born.This baby was long awaited. The couple had lived together for more than 10 years before they had a son. However, this event was marred by an unpleasant incident. At the time of discharge from the hospital Dmitri pounced on a shot of what is happening by photographers. Since then, about the baby and life in General artist nobody was really asking.Now, when the little Elisha for a year, Dmitry and willing to talk about their changed family life."What's interesting to me now, I practically inaccessible. This is my youngest son Elisha. Very little time to communicate with him is," complains Singers.Olga Drozdova also not so much time taking care of the baby. At the request of the chief Director of the theater "Contemporary" Galina Volchek actress two and a half months after birth returned to work, write "Arguments and facts". By the way, it helped Olga to get rid of recruited during pregnancy 30 pounds."Called Galina and asked to immediately start in "the Cherry orchard". Olga terrific dress rehearsal, and now they went to France with "the Cherry orchard". If I had my way, I would not let her on stage for a year - admitted Singers. But even without this year, Olga managed to fully recover and, while working in the theater, throw recruited during pregnancy 30 pounds. She, of course, a hero. In 42 years to give birth is a major challenge for "physics", and for the psyche.Elisha is now engaged mainly in Babysitting, so star parents don't have to be torn between the theatre and the child."Our financial situation allows you to use the services of agencies, staffed by professional nurses. So to drag a child behind the scenes, there is no need, says Singers. - When there is time, we are with him, Elisha, of course, spend it feeding, care and so on. Parents for the holiday." Source: Dmitry Pevtsov not enough time for his son.

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