A list of the most `unprofitable stars`

A list of the most `unprofitable stars`41-year-old Nicole Kidman led the top ten "most overpay Hollywood stars", the fees of which provide minimal impact to the creators of the movies.Forbes has calculated that each nested Kidman dollar brings a return equal to the same one dollar.Promotional video N 5 the Film in which Nicole is the face of the perfume brand Chanel No. 5, the fashion house of Chanel has become the most expensive in the history of the business. The total cost of one minute four-minute clip is estimated at $ 11 million. Nicole received for his face is the highest in the history of advertising fee - for participating in the filming she was paid 3,71 million dollars, that is, 928 thousand dollars per minute, reports RIA "Novosti".Kidman appears in the list of richest celebrities according to Forbes magazine (in 2005, its revenue was estimated at 14.5 million dollars). She took second place in the list of the most expensive Actresses by People magazine in 2005 (the average cost of participation Nicole in the film was estimated at $ 16 million).Although it is known that Kidman can bargain - she agrees to play for the minimum rate when acting part in low-budget productions.In third place at a low investment payback was the first husband of Kidman Tom cruise, "return" which is $ 4 per $ 1 investment. The same financial result showed Cameron Diaz, probably the most vysokooplachivaema "star" of Hollywood, the fees of which in the period from June 2006 to June 2007 amounted to $ 50 million."Low profitability" Forbes was also recorded by Jennifer garner, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas cage, drew Barrymore, cate Blanchett, will Ferrell, Jim Carrey. However, it is at least three to four times higher than Kidman.In compiling its rankings, Forbes took into account three of the last film with "stars", released on the big screen before January 1, 2008. Source: a list of the most "unprofitable stars"".

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