New Russian cinema

New Russian cinemaOn Thursday at the Russian cinemas comes the feature film "the x-files: I Want to believe" (USA, 2008, Chris Carter).Ten years later, agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) back to new tape that "the truth is out there", writes "Time of news".Is known about the plot a little, but the commercials promise a complicated and large-scale action. Also starring: Billy Connelly, Amanda Peet, Calum Keith Rennie and Adam Gedli.From July 24 in theaters can be viewed three-dimensional cartoon "the Cunning Jack" (Denmark, 2007, Jorgen Lerdam, Flemming Quist mГёller, Anders sГёrensen). It is the third animated film about the adventures of being yellow. The plot of inquisitive scientists discover the uniqueness of Jack. He flees and finds himself in the jungle, where, too, is not without excitement.Harrowing psychological drama "Fireflies in the garden" (USA, 2007, Dennis Lee) viewers will also be able to see on Thursday. The film tells the story about family relationships writer (Ryan Reynolds), whom he captured in his successful novel. In America, the film had good reviews from the audience, but in fact went almost unnoticed. Also starring: Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie Anne moss, Hayden, Panetier, Cayden Boyd and Frank the Ertl.Thursday in the Russian hire there will be horror from the Creator of "Snakes on a plane" "Psych" (USA, 2007, David R. Ellis). A group of students finds that the dormitory where they live, it used to be a madhouse and it is here that the doctor is a psychopath conducted on patients bloody experiments. Starring: Sarah Romero, Gabe wood, Caroline Garcia, Andrea Powell, Bridget Gethins and Travis van Winkle.In the movie is an adaptation of the acclaimed work of Paul Tatarskogo and Sergei Sakin "BIGGA than Ben" (UK, 2008, Susie Halewood). The film tells the story of how two Moscow guy spiker (Andrei Chadov) and Sobachka (Ben Barnes) is sent to London to, to plunge into the abyss of drugs, fraud with Bank cards and other joys life of freedom. Also starring: the Obed Matesan, Andrew Byron, hero Fiennes-Tiffin, Jeff Mirza and Amy De Bruin.Comes to the screen and a picture of a Japanese Creator "Calls" "the great." (Japan, 2007, Hideo Nakata). Just as great. mystical stories about ghosts and the dead, an integral part of Japanese literature. The basis of this film is based on a story Ethno Sanitee. In the XVIII century samurai kills the pawnbroker, whose daughter loves his son. After that starts to happen, a series of supernatural events. Starring: Kumiko ASO, Takaaki Enoki, Rion of Hirota, Tail Itirucu and Mao Inoue. Source: New Russian cinema.

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