Britney Spears returned to its former shape

Britney Spears returned to its former shapeOver the weekend singer Britney Spears basking in the sun on one of the beaches in Mexico. A smiling girl in a white bathing suit wasn't that Britney has recently shocked the audience with strange antics.Apparently, booze, alcohol, drugs and strange friends in the past. Britney Spears has once again received the right to see the children, she was nominated for the award MTV Music Awards and seriously engaged with their appearance.Over the past few weeks, the star has lost seven pounds and now looks almost as before. The secret to the phenomenal weight loss is not so simple. As writes the newspaper the Daily Mail, the singer has to spend 22 thousand dollars a month to bring myself up.For the money experts are ready to help Britney to adhere to a special diet and athletic training. The price of service includes nutritional advice and all the necessary products - $ 10 000, 8 000 dollars star costs a personal trainer and $ 4,000 we have to give a personal choreographer.Britney Spears has restricted their diet to 1400 calories a day, but one day a week it is possible to violate the mode is bigger and tastier."She also changed her diet," said an anonymous source. - She tries to eat only two-thirds of what is on the plate. It's all in the control portion sizes and healthy food. And a lot of water instead of "red bull".Say, Spears also followed the advice of Victoria Beckham and now eat a lot of steamed fish and beans meal. She has also been heavily engaged with the choreographer of the Pussycat Dolls and in addition six times a week for three hours dancing."Britney has gained some weight this year. She had a lot of stress because of the battle for custody of the children, and the drugs that she was treated for bipolar disorder, also contributed to the weight gain. She was tired of being chubby and wanted something to do with it. Now she is very proud of him, " said close to Britney source. She feels better than ever". Source: Britney Spears returned to its former shape.

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