The authorities of Florence met Dante Alighieri's 700 years later

The authorities of Florence met Dante Alighieri's 700 years laterThe city Council of Florence voted for the abolition of the sentence imposed by Dante Alighieri in 1302, when according to the decision of the authorities, the poet was banished from the city.For 20 years he wandered through various cities , but Florence Dante never returned. The poet died at Ravenna, where he was buried in 1321, the Telegraph reports.It was during his many years in exile, who later became famous Florentine wrote his legendary work "the divine Comedy", consisting of three parts - Hell, Purgatory, Paradise.Dante, born in 1265, took an active part in the political life of Florence. In 1300 he was elected sub-prior, that is, in went among influential politicians. After a while the future poet became embroiled in the conflict between the parties of the White and Black Guelphs and was expelled the last of Florence.The initiators of the idea for the justification of the great Italian suggests that the political controversies of the fourteenth century are long forgotten, but the creative legacy of Dante has been for centuries, and remains the pride of Italy. So, it is not officially leave the great Italian poet in the status of the exile.During the voting members of the municipality were divided: "for" was made by 19 people, against - 5. Voted against the rehabilitation of the poet explained his decision by the fact that the exile has influenced the poet exceptionally beneficial and pushed him to write works of genius.After the cancellation of the verdict of the mayor of Florence Leonardo Domenici officially will award to the poet the highest award of the city. Читать полностью -->

The actor died Anatoly Ustyuzhaninov

The actor died Anatoly UstyuzhaninovOn 74-m to year of life in Ulyanovsk died people's artist of Russia Anatoly Ustyuzhaninov, known to millions of TV viewers for her role as cat in the legendary film "Eternal call".He initially worked as the artist of the Ulyanovsk regional Philharmonic society and of the Ulyanovsk regional drama theater, and from February 1992 - in the Historical and cultural centre of Lenin. Almost all the creative work of Anatoly Ustyjaninova is associated with the name of Lenin, whom he brought on stage, radio, in cinema.Many remember the films with his participation "We are Russian people", "Red bells", as well as theatrical productions of "the Talk", "Ulyanov", "Defender Ulyanov, "the Kremlin chimes", "In the name of life" and others.A memorial service will be held on 25 September 10-12 hours in the Ulyanovsk regional Philharmonic society. Source: the actor Died Anatoly Ustyuzhaninov. . . . Читать полностью -->

Joanna Krupa strips for FHM magazine

Joanna Krupa strips for FHM magazine FHM magazine section of the infamous model Joanna Rump.Source: Joanna Krupa strips for FHM magazine (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine

Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine Rising star of American tennis photographed for Playboy magazine.Rising star of American tennis Ashley Harkleroad appeared in a candid photoshoot for men's magazine.The shooting took place in early 2008, when 23-year-old athlete has recovered after the surgery and did not participate in the competition.The Playboy readers will see pictures Topless Harkleroad in August 2008.Harkleroad said that she accepted the offer to participate in the filming, because proud of her body.According to American women, body female athletes can also be sexy, and she tried to prove.Meanwhile, recently, the American tennis player stated that miss the Olympic games in Beijing.She commented on his decision - "Many are willing to die for the sake of participation in the Olympics, but I'm not. If I had the chance to win a medal, then I probably would go, but I have no chance. But just to go in order to attend the games is not for me. I am now only 23 and I will still be ahead of the Olympics, so maybe later I'll go".The coaches, meanwhile, called the main reason why American women her desire to focus on preparing for the summer season on hard courts. Source: Ashley Harkleroad photographed for Playboy magazine (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Famous porn star sells her Breasts for $1 million

Famous porn star sells her Breasts for $1 millionRecently Hollywood stars strictly adhere to the humane rule of "used" give to others".Their passionate fans the chance to buy the star house, a glamorous car, along with a concert or film outfits. The stars of the erotic industry their quirks. They appeared, and his chest to sell.Famous American pornodiva Jordan (Jordan, real name Katie Price), best known today as a top model, actress and singer, said it was ready to sell silicone implants out of my chest on the Internet auction site eBay. Potential buyers certainly is intriguing that in many respects thanks to this artificial Breasts, which she wears for eight years, came to her worldwide popularity. The price of "rarity" is $ 1 million.Explicit recognition of the star made during the broadcast of Sunday Night, broadcast on the British channel Channel4. To get rid of his sexual "burden" Jordan is going due to the fact that it plans to finally say good bye to the mean girls reputation. Читать полностью -->

In Baracska the festival will be attended by the stuntman

In Baracska the festival will be attended by the stuntmanFor the first time in the 132-year history of the Bayreuth festival, entirely given to the music of Wagner, in a production of the Opera "Parsifal" will be attended by the stuntman.According to the Agency DPA, this is an outstanding innovation for extremely conservative organizers of the festival.The content of the trick-kept secret, known only to the stuntman Mathias Myra shendel duplicating Christopher Ventris, a British tenor, performing the role of Parsifal. DPA writes that Sendell have to jump from eighteen feet, but at what stage this will happen is unknown.Parsifal staged by Norwegian Stefan Herheim will be shown on the first night of the festival on July 25. At the opening of the festival will host German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other important guests.Earlier it was reported about another innovation of the festival: some of the performances will be broadcast on the Internet. However, the number of network "visitors" artificially restrict ten thousand. In addition, the festival Directorate has established a rather big price for broadcasting: 49 euros.At the end of the festival it is expected that the Trustees will finally call it a new Director: Wolfgang Wagner, grandson of composer, resigned in April 2008. This place tipped the youngest daughter of Wolfgang Catherine or one of her cousins. Читать полностью -->

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